Harley-Davidson Connect Service

I led the design of Harley-Davidson’s H-D Connect service for its iOS app.

I led a team of 3 designers on creating the design of Harley’s first-ever digital service for its motorcycles. The H-D Connect service would allow riders to see the vitals of their bike, tampering alerts, location status, and stolen-vehicle tracking. The riders would also be able to see their miles rode, bike service updates, upload photos of their bike, and many more features.

The service launched around the same time as their electric bike, Livewire – late 2019.

In order to allow for easy and quick scanning, we positioned all notifications/alerts within the bike detail screen towards the right, so it’s easier to see at a glance what’s good or bad. Also, the iconography along with the colors helps the user quickly identify the status and take action.

Bike Security

The H-D Connect service comes with a security feature that would allow the rider to get notified via push notifications when the location of their bike has changed and confirm either if the bike is safe or it has been stolen. In the case the app doesn’t detect/notify of any change in the location, the rider would be able to manually report the bike if stolen.

H-D Connect service activation

We designed a step-by-step activation process indicating every detail of the process to the rider. As this was something new, being very clear was paramount.


More about the service

The design of the H-D Connect service took about 11-12 months. There were many people involved in the process, but what made this special was the collaboration between Harley-Davidson and the agency, MullenLowe Profero – it was one of the best collaborations I’ve been part of.

Learn more about the H-D Connect service here