The new digital visual language of Monster.

As the Design Director of the team at MullenLowe Profero NY, I oversaw the work of 3 visual designers and collaborated with 1 UX designer, 2 copywriters, 1 account director, 1 project manager, and 1 engineer. This project started in September 2018 and lasted more than a year with multiple trips to Boston to meet with the client, and more than 6 initial visual design iterations.

Graphic Elements

Inspired by the shapes and negative space of the Monster logo the team created graphic patterns that were used throughout the site as backgrounds. The individual shapes were also used on the homepage to help with the transition between components guiding the user to navigate through the page.

Web CMS components

We designed more than a dozen of components that allow for flexibility in the creation of different sections or pages on the site. Below are some of the components created that allow for multiple variations by changing the background, headline, body copy, buttons, layout, and images.

More about the website

The visual language established for the web was expanded to also be used on all the different digital touchpoints of the brand like emails, banner ads, and other landing pages created by the marketing team.

Explore the website live here