Latina Equal Pay Day

A movement that started in 2016 led by the NHLA (National Hispanic Leadership Agenda), a nonpartisan association of major Hispanic national organizations and distinguished Hispanic leaders from all over the nation, to create awareness about how Latinas typically earn only 54 cents for every dollar earned by White, non-Hispanic men. This campaign needed a logo, face, look, something that people can use and easily identified when they see it.

My role
I created the logo and visual elements that would be used throughout social media. I wanted the logo to feel and look “Hispanic”. So, I turn to history, pre-hispanic history to be exact. I was inspired by the shape of the stones used in Inca constructions, specifically, the shape of the stone of 12 angles. After many drawings, I was able to create something that worked nicely. Take a look below.


In Social Media

The movement had a strong presence in Social Media, therefore I created a few social posts to share. Some got used by US Senators and other high profile people in the media.